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Hybrid Applicator

Dab it. Vape it. Apply it. Infuse it.

The Vert Unlimited Ultra Applicator Refined CO2 Extracted Cannabis Oil Applicator will exceed your expectations as it can be used for anything you want it to be! Add a concentrated dose of potency to your dabs, flower, edibles, or vaporizer for strain specific effects that never felt so good.


500 mg/package or 1,000 mg/package


Our CO2 extracted, triple refined, preactivated Vert Applicators are perfect for both the novice and the pro. They are so incredibly versatile that a daily cannabis consumer can use them as an edible, topical, concentrate, long term treatment option, and potency enhancement for flower, while beginners are able to consume something without the hassle of the usual tools – a lighter and smoking apparatus.

The Vert Applicators can be as simple or complex as you’d like to make them! This product is such an amazing value because of the fully preactivated THC content aka Delta-9 THC. Many are surprised by how potent the effects are in comparison to shatter, badder, honeycomb, and crumble cause these forms of concentrate will lose potency as heat is applied whereas our Vert preactivated CO2 oil does not. In fact, our oils taste better at low temperatures, preserving the valuable terpene content. The most unique thing about the Vert Applicators is how many different uses you can get out of them ad how potent the strain specific; flavor profiles and terpene profiles vary per batch. This not only allows for a variety of different uses but gives all consumers the opportunity to fid more than a new options that would be right for the type of effects and medicinal benefits they’re looking for.

Here at Vert, we are consistently looking for new strains for extraction to give consumers as many options as possible. Our vertically integrated cultivation is the main supplier for all trim, shake, and flower used for our extraction method which means customers can try concentrates from their favorite flower brands such as Kannabis while also, using one of the most versatile products on the cannabis market!

The Vert Applicator oil can help relieve pain in minutes if taken sublingually or buccally. Try adding them to drier concentrates like crumble or sauce that’s lost it’s terpene content to make it an easier consistency to work with, increasing the terpene content for the best of both worlds in taste and effect. Nothing beats adding some lusciously potent full spectrum CO2 sap to your joints bowls, and blunts to kick it up a notch! Customers have also used our Applicators to make topicals and suppositories. Much easier to dispense than a thick distillate applicator, our CO2 oil Vert Applicators have a higher terpene content and hence a more fluid consistency making it perfect for any application!

Anyone who is a fan of the OrganaLabs Applicators may notice they’ve been discontinued.


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