Here at VERT Edibles, we are constantly creating new and unique products to give you a wonderful experience every time you try our edibles. Recently, Executive Chef Melissa Parks, the talent behind our complete line of products, introduced the line of cookie squares. She answered some questions about the inspiration behind the traditional flavors captured in this line of products.

What was the inspiration behind the flavors introduced in the cookie square products?

“I pull from personal experiences when creating new products and flavors. Some of the many experiences that inspire me range from visiting a museum, going apple picking in Minnesota where I’m from, to different family memories. Throughout the line you will find flavors that remind me of home, but with the VERT twist.  I wanted to create something new, but familiar.”

VERT products are created with natural top-grade ingredients that also serve a purpose. What ingredients were you excited to experiment with and incorporate in these products?

“There are so many ingredients I could talk about, but there are a few that stand out for me. For the chocolate caramel brownie cookie square I used a dark cocoa. Who doesn’t love chocolate? This super dark cocoa not only makes the cookie square rich, but it’s also full of antioxidants.

Experimenting with vinegars was also exciting. There are so many health benefits that vinegars provide that there are even health crazes like drinking apple cider vinegar before you start your day.  On the other hand, a traditional red velvet cake recipe includes vinegar. I had fun trying to find the right vinegar to make the perfect red velvet cookie square.

This was also a great opportunity to incorporate cinnamon into the line, which has such great health benefits.”

Tell us a little bit about the flavors you will be introducing soon.

“The flavors that are coming soon are strawberry shortcake and red velvet. Strawberry shortcake is a delicious southern simple dessert. The challenge was to take this traditional dessert and capture the flavors in a square.

Red velvet is such a delicious and vibrant dessert, yet complex. It was important to find the right ingredients to make the bar taste just right.”

Which cookie square flavor is your favorite?