Best Tasting Edibles in Nevada 

I have tried edibles from all across the United States, and I can firmly tell you these are hands down the absolute best treats I have ever tasted. Plus, the thing that really makes them beyond amazing is that they are strain specific! Truly the best on the market.

– Chrissy C

Super Delicious

I’ve never cared for the actual taste of cannabis in my edibles. These are made from, I believe, a distillate THC source that makes it so you can’t taste any cannabis, but definitely get the full effect of it. They’re always moist, nicely dense, and packed full of flavor. My personal favorite is the chocolate caramel brownie, so good to eat for a chill day or micro-dosing.

– Skoobz09

My New Favorite Brand of Edibles 

First, they taste amazing. Vert cares about quality! So far I’ve tried about 4 different flavors and they all were yummier than ANY other baked infused treat I have bought, and as a budtender I have tried MANY. They work soooo well too. I adore the love that goes into their products (like marking what strain it came from, as well as their nice clean packaging). If you are tired of other baked edible brands that seem “dried out”, find a dispensary that carries Vert and go try it out! You won’t be disappointed.

– OnlyHappyWhenItRains

Just as adVERTised

Raising the bar! Love all of the products. If anyone is in need of a good treat, vert edibles is a must.


Miracles DO Happen

Being that I was born in Las Vegas and raised in Washington State – I can say with certainty that I know the difference between GOOD & BAD strains. I wasn’t sure what to expect trying these edibles. Man I was BLOWN AWAY. By far the BEST edibles I have ever had. Having Fibromyalgia, spinal damage and endometriosis I know the struggles of chronic pain. I just had my 4th surgery in 2.5 years for my endometriosis and I decided to try these edibles for my last surgery. These edibles have been my MIRACLE. i am so very thankful to you all.

– SonjiaEcho

High Quality and Delicious

I recently tried the Snickerdoodle bar. It tasted super clean and sooo good and exactly like a snickerdoodle cookie, my favorite. I like that it has very low sugar too! I went back and stocked up on the brownie and another snickerdoodle bar. Thanks, VERT Edibles!



I am always extremely pleased with VERT! Much respect to their chefs for producing such delicious and accurately dosed edibles on a consistent basis. Keep up the good work! Their reps are involved with the Vegas cannabis industry and really care to educate patients which is why they are #1 in my book. I highly recommend their Nice Crispies Bar, Caramel Chocolate Brownie and Strawberry Shortcake – I could probably eat one of those everyday!



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